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It’s the subscription for guitar players! This is our Premium crate and is great for players that need a steady supply of strings and want a bonus to go with it. Click below to explore Guitar Crate more!

Guitar Crate Plus gets you 2 sets of strings every month and extra bonuses. This crate is great for guitarists that are playing more regularly and are interested in some more advanced gear from time to time. Check it out below!
Bass Crate shares the love with bassists as well. You can expect to get a set of strings every month as well as some excellent gear to enjoy that is just for bass players. Learn more about Bass Crate below!

If you’re serious about playing guitar and want to expand your sound, sign up for Pedal of the Month and enjoy something new each month! We send you the best pedals so you can enjoy good vibes and crunchy riffs all year long. Sign up below!

Do you have all the gear you could ever want or need? Sign up for our Special strings and picks only. We have a large selection of string options and are adding more all the time! Set it and forget it and get the right strings, every time. Check it out here!

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Killer Gear

Guitar stores can be so overwhelming with walls full of options. Here at Guitar Crate we seek out and test out all of the new unique cool accessories. We deliver the cream of the crop gear so you get the most out of playing your guitar.

The Ultimate Gift Idea

Musicians are always so hard to shop for, let alone surprising them with awesome gear. Let us do the hard work in selecting the right gear.  Each month, important items arrive that they need and you will be thought of each time that they play.

Customize to Your Style

You pick your strings and your styles. Setup your profile to tell as much about your self as needed. Share with others your knowledge or seek out other community members with similar interests that may have good advice for you as well.

Expand Your Sound

For all of the things you have always wanted to try but have never gotten around to it… Guitar Crate packages them up each month and sends them to you. You will learn how to use new gear and kick start new sounds.

Backup Gear

Never be onstage without a back up set of strings, tuner or winder on hand. Remember it’s ok to have one for the gig bag and another for home. When your string pops or the battery in your tuner dies, you have the gear to keep rocking.

Easy to Switch it Up

Set up your username, profile and have access to change your preferences on the fly. That day your band decides to change to Eb tuning or you decide your strings are too stiff. Hop on to your account and change your profile in seconds.

Guitar Crate Subscription Options

A Few of Our Suppliers

Elixir Guitar Strings

And many more! Guitar Crate adds new brands all the time.

Is this a gift?

Not sure what items to select?

You’ve decided to hook up a friend or a family member with the ultimate gift; A gift where each month they think of you, a gift that keeps them motivated to learn/play and a gift that keeps them stocked up with gear to keep their guitar completely tuned up.

We realize that you may not understand what string gauges to select, what picks to select, etc. Well, not to worry! We have created a “How To” section to ensure you make the right decision and to let you know that they can log in to change preferences at anytime. Enjoy and Rock On!

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