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Guitar Crate Turns One

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Hey everybody! It’s been a year since Guitar Crate started the trek and it’s been lots of fun so far. From deep down, thanks for all the support so far. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be here doing this so we appreciate the kind words and great reviews.

What’s new?

Upgrades, updates, and more cool stuff

To celebrate our birthday, we have some really exciting things planned for the near future. The website will be getting a FULL redesign from the ground up so check back here in November/December for the new digs.

We’ve been listening to the comments and we look forward to offering all the best to everyone that has subscribed to greatness so far. Some of the things we will be improving are:

  • Better profile control such as updating shipping addresses, payment methods, and crate preferences like string gauge, shirt size, etc
  • ‘Add to your crate’ option to let you receive items you were going to go get at the store anyway
  • Past crates/Buy it again section where you can go back in time and get the items included in crates from the past*
  • Forums to share cool guitar info, have some Q & As, and just chill

Basically, we want to give you more control with your subscription so you can see your preferences and access everything related to your profile in one place. There will also be more great things available at the store like gift, maintenance, and beginner crates for one time bundles for your favorite guitarist. Guitar Crate will offer more and more gear that we find out there and you can expect some sweet apparel coming too. (hint hint, the holidays are coming)

We know it’s been quiet here and there, just know we are here working making Guitar Crate something awesome for everyone. Picture Oompa Loompas with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory but with guitars and gear instead of candy. Or something like that anyway 🙂

Also, we are always here to answer questions and help people with their orders. Pete (me) and TJ are two guys with families and right now so it’s just us making this grow wings. That being said, we want to make sure everyone has the best experience with Guitar Crate and no question big or small is unwelcome. Always email us at Pete@GuitarCrate.com if you need something.

Lastly, suggestions/requests can be made by email also. If you have a special kind of gear you are really hoping for, let us know or if you want something particular on the new site, tell us. Let’s have another great year and as always, Subscribe to Greatness!


​* I can’t believe you’re reading this! We don’t know how to go back in time.

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