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Here are some answers to the questions we get most.

What string gauge is right for me?

No Worries, We Can Help

Whether you are playing acoustic or electric guitar, strings can make a big difference on how you sound and what the guitar feels like when you play. The lower the gauge (10,9,8, etc) the thinner the strings and the easier they are to push down to play. Likewise, the higher the gauge (11,12,13, etc) the thicker the string and the firmer to push down and play. If you haven’t settled on what you like best yet, try a few different styles and give it a month or two with each size until you begin to have a feel for what works for you!

Which crate should I subscribe to?

For everyone from novice to pro

Guitar Crate offers subscriptions for beginners, pros and everyone in between. If you are starting out and  just getting to know your guitar, we recommend the basic subscription which offers one set of strings a month as well as other items like gear and accessories that will help you keep your guitar in good playing shape. If you play regularly and want more advanced gear, we recommend Guitar Crate Plus which offers more string options, two sets of strings each month, and upgraded items.

Can I give guitar crate as a gift?

For the guitarist in your life

Guitar Crate makes a great gift! It’s not easy to pick out a gift for a guitar player so let us do the legwork for you. Give them Guitar Crate and they will receive items they will actually use and enjoy. Not only that, they will be able to change their preferences as soon as they log into Guitar Crate so if they want a different kind of string, need to update their address, or make any other changes, they can do it all themselves.

Does Guitar Crate ship around the world?

All around the world!

Guitar Crate is now available around the world. We ship to most countries outside of the US and shipping is only an additional $10 per month! If you have questions about whether we ship to your country, please contact us.

Ok, I'm interested. How does the subscription work?

Subscribe to greatness!

Signing up for Guitar Crate is easy! As a subscription, we send out crates every month. All of our shipments are done on or around the 7th of each month (depending on holidays, weekends, etc) so if you sign up in the middle or end of a month (EX. mid May) you will receive your first crate the beginning of the following month (EX. beginning of June). We offer subscriptions for different lengths of time and all crates have shipping within the USA included in the price.

I Signed Up, But I Need to Make Changes to My Subscription?

You're in control!

We know you might have signed up for another person as a gift or maybe you want to switch up your string gauge or need to update your address. For any and all changes to your subscription, head over to the “my account” link at the bottom of every page. Pause, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time with no fees. Enjoy!

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