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Diezel VH4-2 Distortion 2010s – White



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A VH4 at your feet The VH4-2 recreates VH4 amp channel’s magical blend of aggression, clarity, and full-throated punch with the authenticity that only Peter Diezel can offer. And like all Diezel Amplification products, inside you’ll find the same commitment to top-tier craftsmanship and the only the finest-quality components. Plug in a VH4-2 and turn your amp into a raging VH4 stack. PEDAL CONTROLS Bass, Middle, Treble: Shapes the EQ and adjusts the overall gain. Deep: Increases the ultra low frequency content – simulating the DEEP control on the VH4 amplifier. Presence: Contours the high frequency content – simulating the PRESENCE control on the VH4 amplifier. Master 1 & 2: Adjusts the overall volume of the pedal. Master 1 for channel 3 of the VH4, and Master 2 for channel 4. Gain 1 & 2: Adjusts the amount of gain for the pedal. Gain 1 for channel 3 of the VH4, and Gain 2 for channel 4 of the VH4. Guitar input: Connect your guitar to this input. Out to guitar amp: Connect to the front end of your amplifier. Out to power amp: Connect to rack mount power amplifier or the return jack of your amp’s effects loop. 12-18V Center Negative Included is a universal 12V power supply and 18V splitter cable.