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Keeley Super AT mod – Red



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There is something special about a Keeley Modded Blues Driver. There’s something even moreremarkable about Andy Timmons’ tone. Coincidence? We think not. Since his exposure to thisKeeley modded stompboxearly on, it has been virtually glued to Andy’s board. The Super ATMod Overdrive captures the magic of the original Blues Driver Phat Mod with the addition of ATMode. Chord work and harmonies are cleaner and tighter now, without reducing gain. Asymmetrical Tube Clipping The new Super AT Mod Overdrive features a return to RK’s original clipping style, a 20 year oldmodification first performed in the Keeley Blues Driver Phat Mod. If you want a drive pedal thatresponds just like a tube amp, this is it. The topology of the pedal is similar to classic Californiatube amps, we simply use JFET transistors in place of tubes. Nothing has been left out, eventhe filtering of an amp’s tone stack is designed into the pedal. It’s an amp-in-a-box, only betterbecauseit’s Keeley developed with the guidance of Andy Timmons! New Tone Switch There is a new circuit design for the Tone Switch employed in the Super AT Mod. The new AT-mode is voiced for humbuckers and features lower mid-bass frequencies for tighter, moretransparent response. The original Keeley PHAT-mode stands ready to putmorepower behindyour favorite single coil equipped guitar. Either way, the Super AT Mod has got you covered. “The Super AT Mod Overdrive is the ultimate expression of the slightly broken up/clean tone Ihave been searching for all these years. It also rocks with an amazing overdrive tone that isincredibly amp-like. I already have 2 on my board!Wishing you all the best on your ToneQuest!”-Andy Timmons