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Peterson StroboStomp HD 75th Anniversary Limited Edition



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The Peterson company turns 75 years old in 2023. We’re proud to reach this significant milestone that most companies never accomplish. Your new limited-edition StroboStomp LE tuner embodies the best of our past history; who we are today as a company; and our exciting future ahead. When my father, Richard Peterson, founded our company 75 years ago he did so with remarkable passion for inventing innovative products for the music industry and providing outstanding quality, service and integrity to our customers. Over many decades, we’ve grown to be highly regarded by musicians world-wide yet are still entirely owned by my family and we continue to operate within just five miles of where the company was started. Our staff still shares and lives the same passion and company culture that Dad inspired in the beginning. The first-ever Peterson tuner was designed and built by Dick Peterson for his own use with tuning pipe organs. Soon a few of his friends and colleagues began asking if he would be willing to build one for them as well. Dad recruited my grandfather to help assemble 5 or 10 tuners at a time on our family’s kitchen table, and my mother would type simple invoices and keep records. Each individual tuner carried my father’s signature on the front panel, representing his personal involvement with the product and his strong commitment to each customer. From those earliest days, my father’s unwavering focus on quality, integrity and customer service have been hallmarks of our company. Today, our StroboStomp LE limited-edition tuner bears that same signature, and the Peterson Company’s commitment to excellence remains unchanged. Thank you for your purchase and for your trust in our company. We’re grateful for our loyal long-term customers and those newer to Peterson Tuners alike; you’ve all made reaching our 75- year milestone possible. I know you’ll be delighted with your choice and you will notice the difference in your sound…you have my personal guarantee on that! -Scott Peterson