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Guitar Crate sends guitar strings to you every month, plus everything else you will need to jam out. No more trying to find a music store open at 8 PM after work. No more forgetting to get a new pair and playing on that rusty set one more time. Just let us worry about getting the goods to you. ​Think of it like a gym membership for your instrument.

The best part is that we throw in extras every month. Think awesome surprise meets how did I ever play guitar before without this. We look for what we would want to use and we send it to you. With Guitar Crate, nothing else stands in the way of being the best player you can be.

Guitar Crate is all about helping players build strong relationships with their instrument. This isn’t some random collection of guitar stuff you may not want or need. This is the thoughtful selection of useful, valuable tools that any guitarist can use. We hope you find some discoveries in every crate that help you grow as a musician.

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Sampling of Our Suppliers

Janice K Picks


Bigfoot Engineering

Dr. J Pedals





TC Electronic

Hot Wires



One Control


Outlaw FX

Timber Tones

Way Huge


Planet Waves

Guitar Crate Announces New Suppliers All of the Time and You Can Edit Your Subscription at Any Time!

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