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Guitar Crate Fun

Gift Crate


Shopping for a gift that a guitar player will love? Look no further! Gift Crate from Guitar Crate is a one time package FULL of awesomeness like guitar strings, picks, tools, and lots of other fun stuff they will love.

Pro Guitar Cable REAN Straight to Right-angle – 10ft


REAN Straight to Right-angle

Hosa Pro Guitar Cables are engineered to deliver years of rock-solid reliability. Combining REAN® connectors by Neutrik AG with world-class manufacturing techniques, they redefine what performance and value are all about.

HOSA PDX-430 – 30′ Power Cord


HOSA PDX-430 Power Distribution Cord 30′ – distribute line power to various components along its length. It is ideal for use with lighting equipment and pro audio gear in live venues

HOSA 2″ x 60 Yard Gaffer Tape


HOSA GFT-447BK 2″ x 60 yard gaffer tape. Better than duct tape, its easy-on, easier-off adhesive leaves no sticky, gummy residue on gear, stands, or cables.

Tape snakes to the floor. Tape cables to stands. You can even wrap a short length of gaffer tape around a coil of unused cable as a cable tie. It tears easily by hand—no cutting required—and adheres tightly until you remove it.

HOSA Adapter Impedance Transformer XLR3F to 1/4 in TS


HOSA MIT-435 XLR3F to 1/4″ TS adapter 200R output impedance to 50K input impedance. It is ideal for connecting a microphone to hi-Z instrument jack.

• Maximizes signal fidelity when using impedance mismatched gear
• Minimizes high frequency and level loss caused by signal reflections
• Eliminates noise and hum caused by an impedance mismatch

Connectors: XLR3F to 1/4 in TS