Crate Options

This crate offers the staples for any guitar player; fresh guitar strings and gear to keep your guitar in shape. Each month is different! Choose your preferences to get started.

Plus is the crate for players that want a little more. Get 2 sets of your preferred strings and more gear than the regular Guitar Crate.

Bass Crate is Guitar Crate for bass players. Get a set of bass strings and gear selected for bass guitar.

Grab a new pedal, hand picked from the gazillion options out there. Guitar Crate offers options for everyone so check it out now!

Guitar Crate

$20/ month
$20/ month

Guitar Crate Plus

$40/ month
$40/ month

Bass Crate

$40/ month
$40/ month
  • 1 set of bass strings

  • Gear for a bass player

  • 5 or 6 string bass options

  • Free US shipping

Pedal of the Month

$100/ month
$100/ month
  • 1 guitar pedal

  • Unique awesome pedals

    Different each month

  • $100, $150, or $200 packages

  • Free US shipping

Extra String Guitars


Slapping a 5 string bass? Here you go!


If you can handle a 6 string bass, then this one's for you.

The crate for 7 string guitar players.


8 String guitar player? Check this out.

Other Crate Options